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Showcasing art embedded in the context of urban landscape, nature, architecture, and public space, Spreepark Art Space functions as an interdisciplinary platform for the production of art intertwined in planning, research, and mediation.

The Spreepark - abandoned for many years as a natural, inanimate backdrop - emerges as a lively place of interaction and discovery and - quite literally - opens up new paths of exploration.

Temporary interventions, permanent works, educational programmes, architectural impulses and nature itself invite visitors to create new experiences within the urban space.

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The Spreepark, its past, present and future, shape the programming of the Spreepark Art Space. The landscape functions as a reference point and a place of action at the same time.

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In 2023, the Eierhäuschen will open its doors once again. As a destination restaurant - and a venue for artist residencies, exhibitions and events.

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Behind the Scenes

Into the Blue – A networking event in the Mero Hall

Exchange, discussion and a Sunday morning walk.

A Change in Colour, Mero-Hall in Spreepark Berlin

The Blue Hour in the Spreepark - To the event on 29.04.2022 in the Mero-Hall

Art & Planning: a special Relationship

Ellen Blumenstein and Katja Aßmann in conversation about new perspectives in planning through artistic interventions.

Marcus Maeder, How the Urban Wilderness of the Spreepark Sounds

About tapestries of sound, visitors, the sound of earthworms and contradictory landscapes.

Stefan Shankland, Spreepark as Material

About the art of turning apparently useless matter into a valuable material.