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modulorbeat, The Blue Hour

The artist and architect collective modulorbeat (Jan Kampshoff and Marc Günnewig) designed the spatial installation Blaue Stunde (Blue Hour) in the Mero Hall, the former food court and leisure area of the Spreepark, for its interim occupancy in 2022. The Blue Hour as a phenomenon of twilight represents a symbol of transition in the changing park.

The artistic reinterpretation draws on the existing Mero Hall as a point of departure and resource for the development of a new hybrid site. Its original supporting structure, with its namesake MERO node The structural design of the roof and its shadows, were adopted for the conversion of the space and can be recognised in various elements of the installation. Benches entice visitors to linger, observe and listen. Sectional canopies not only protect against rain and heat but also change the view of the sky in an interplay of light and shadow. Curtain elements, that separate the hall into several sections, address the boundary between in- and outdoors. What results is a multifunctional space that accommodates various programs and new ways of interaction.