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Fields of Action

Art and Planning

The Spreepark Art Space explores how urban development, public space and art can complement one another. A collaboration that allows for lasting works of art to be created and artistic practice to be explored. A link that becomes evident in the permanent works throughout the Spreepark. From the beginning, landscape architects, engineers and artists have planned and developed these works together as an integral and natural element of the park’s structure. They engage in various ways with the site’s unique state and provide a comprehensive commentary on the themes addressed. In doing so, the works fulfil a dual function: as works of art, but also as an organically evolved component of the park's infrastructure. 


Art and Process

The art in Spreepark relates to the evolution of the park itself. Here, art comments on the design of urban and public space and reveals new areas of discourse within these fields. Through temporary artworks, exhibitions, performances and events, the ongoing development within Spreepark is accompanied, discussed and enhanced. Curatorial positions on the topics of art, landscape, architecture and public space as well as experimental approaches and cross-disciplinary connections are emphasised.


Art and Production

The ongoing artistic exploration of the Spreepark takes place in cooperation with the participating artists, researchers and agents from various disciplines. An integral element of Spreepark Art Space is the continuous production of new artistic works, not only in the site-specific residency programme. Through close and cross-disciplinary collaboration, new production methods can be tried and applied. The insight into artistic development and creative processes makes the Spreepark Art Space a place of lively connection between theoretical development and practical realisation. 


Art and Education

Education and artistic mediation are a natural part of the Spreepark Art Space programme. Beginning in 2018, interactive educational formats have been piloted by artists, conservation educators, and intermediaries as part of the "Spreepark Lab." The collected knowledge flows into future formats, in which various aspects of the Spreepark are highlighted and conveyed.