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Annett Zinsmeister, MERO_VISION MRF SP

The artist Annett Zinsmeister has designed a walk-through installation within the surviving spatial framework of the Mero Hall - a legacy from the period in which the park was built (1969-1989).

The installation invites visitors to a dynamic, prismatic spatial exploration by enclosing a square segment of the Merohalle with a panorama that seems to mirror the existing architecture, meanwhile transforming it into a new, utopian construction. The staged interior views draw on photographic documentation that Annett Zinsmeister completed during her research residency as a search for traces within the Spreepark and an artistic examination of the MeroSystem. The artist (and architect) visually deconstructed this strictly modular spatial framework on different levels, reassembling it in countless variations by means of experimental trials.

The installation MERO_VISION MRF SP presents a visual conversion of the Mero Hall, challenging our perception of space and perspective. Annett Zinsmeister generates new modules from the system and her documentation, which she then recombines in complex formations. These surreal constructions echo the search for tangible connections of space in a muddled context.